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Why do what I'm proposing?

-To show whether I'm in it for myself or for the cause.
-Because leaders should be protective, not exploitative. They should be helping others build nests, not feather their own.
-To help blow up the paradigm that higher pay brings better performance.
-Every electorate would likely have at least 1000 people in it that would be superior to their current MP. When you are that replaceable, you shouldn't be on a high pay.
-It shows you are willing to make sacrifices to help people out.
-How can you be a representative if you are not living like the people you represent? To be a representative you have to face the same challenges. This is a problem in our political system today. Candidates often have no idea of the lived experience of the people they represent so how can they truly represent them?


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Authorised by Richard Carmody, Whyalla Norrie