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The first thing I'd like to say about renewables is don't trust the 50% or 100% terminology that gets thrown around. This refers to electricty, not energy. So by 100% they really mean 30%, as electricity is 30% (ish) of our energy supply.
I've made my targets to try and keep us to around 1.5 degrees Celsius warming. This will require us to get to 50% of energy (not electricity) supplied by renewable / low carbon sources by 2030 and then to 100% by 2050. I've assumed a business as usual case for the economy (other than energy).
In 2017 we installed 2.2GW of renewables, in 2018 it was 5.1GW and in 2019 it will be around 6.0GW. The average of these 3 years is 4.3GW.
We need to target 8.5GW (for a total of about 20,000GWh) per year, up to 2030. So this is around 30% higher than what we will do in 2019. Then we need to step up to about 12GW (for a total of about 30,000GWh) per year, for each year until 2050 to be 0% of energy from fossil fuels by then.
We need to investigate and build storage to help with renewables intermittency.
There are several reasons for building renewables, from securing our energy supply and making us less reliant on energy supplies from unstable countries to climate change and also to prepare for the future depletion of oil and gas.
Regarding energy prices, the implementation of the job guarantee should help secure wages for the most vulnerable in society to help protect them against power price rises. There is also the possibility of using some of the government's unused spending power to help here.


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Authorised by Richard Carmody, Whyalla Norrie